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Water Supplies

SJWTX is prepared to work with both the public and the private sectors to develop and implement water supply solutions throughout the state of Texas. The combined experience of our affiliates which have developed surface, ground, and recycle water supply solutions and with our local knowledge and experience we have the breadth and depth of resources available to provide water supply solutions in any shape, size, or complexity. SJWTX is ready to discuss any potential water supply project delivery option, some of which have been outlined below.

Public-Private Partnership

SJWTX is open to partnering with governmental entities (cities, counties, river authorities and special districts) to deliver water throughout Texas. Public-private partnerships leverage the best practices and unique strengths of both government and private enterprise to meet the growing demands of citizens everywhere and deliver efficient results. As communities across the state grapple with the complexities of providing water supply solutions, they are increasingly turning to private water companies as a trusted partner to build, maintain and operate this critical resource.


SJWTX can contract with both public and private entities to deliver a potable wholesale water supply. By contracting directly with SJWTX, the risks of project development and financing are mitigated as is the need to debt finance the considerable investment in new water supplies. If you are in need of a new, sustainable water supply, please contact SJWTX.

Equity Partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner with SJWTX on water supply development opportunities, please contact us. Our companies are continuously evaluating opportunities to optimize the financing, management, and delivery of water and wastewater projects throughout the state to ensure the most cost-effective and efficient project delivery solution is realized.